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Flop Rocket

Pilot your Flop Rocket through a 5 kilometer cave filled with dragon-like Spaceducks, enormous rock-worms, and other space-time anomalies as you try to prevent an underfunded space program from going bust. Why is your space program housed in a cave? Good Question.

Release Date: 25/02/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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  • Easy to learn, difficult to master mechanics
  • Randomly generated missions provide a challenge on every run
  • 4 upgrade tracks - make your ship fly like a dream
  • Collect powerups to increase the chances of a successful launch
  • Use your hard-earned Juice to load up your rocket with goodies before your run!
  • BscotchID integration - make friends, and see their crashed ships as you fly!
  • Try the game for free (ad supported), find out that you LOVE IT, and Butter Up to get the premium experience and support our studio!

Premium Features:

  • A single purchase is all it takes (requires BscotchID -- register in-game)!
  • Never see ads ever again!
  • Access to premium BscotchID services: cloud saving, cross-game Perks, and friends-only leaderboards
  • 8 more upgrade tracks - Build a powerful gun, max out your armor slots, and more
  • Double your coin gains and upgrade your rocket twice as fast
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Flop Rocket is developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans.

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