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Rocket Pets, a Hyperactive Launch Game that Requires Skill

Cute critters, fun music, great visuals, and a gameplay that is both addictive and cleverly designed, these are the basic traits of Rocket Pets for the mobile browser. It may seem all cute and cuddly (and the music further adds to that impression) but this game is pretty hardcore where it counts. RP brings together the upgrade and try again system prevalent in other launch games, but there is also a large portion of the game spent on careful platforming. If you wanted a fun casual game that would actually take your skill seriously, this is it.

3, 2, 1, Lift Off!

The rocket in the games title is literal, these pets have powerful rockets strapped on their back. Each run starts with the player launching the pets from a powerful cannon. You cannot adjust the firing angle, just the power of the launch. The more power you give, further the pet will go in the initial launch. This cannon can be upgraded, so in the late game, your initial starting point will be pretty far from where you initially would start a map. Of course, going as far as possible is not always the best idea. In some cases, you start off near a cliff, a wall of spikes, or some other danger. It makes sense to not use the cannons full power so that you can land in a slightly safer starting point.

After your pet lands, they start walking automatically to the right. The only control you have at this point is the rocket pack on their back. This allows them to temporarily fly or jump (depending on how long you click on the mouse). The pack has limited fuel that recharges at an extremely slow rate when the pet is walking. Once you consume all the fuel, the pack explodes and you start from the cannon once again.

The Upgrade System

Like other launch games, Rocket Pets has you saving up coins in order to buy upgrades. Coins are earned by collecting them in a stage and by accomplishing side missions. Once you have enough, you can buy stuff like coin magnetism, new pets, new hats, etc. It pays to save up and upgrade as much as you can as the game can be harsh and unforgiving. This is especially true for players who are not familiar with platforming mechanics. Just one wrong slip and you can get snagged by spikes. Sadly, there is not much in terms of defense, so all it takes for the player to fail is getting hit once.

Tactical Jumping

Jumping in the game starts when the pet starts walking after the launch. In this mode, players must keep an eye out for coins and dangers. Coins are naturally important to gain (it helps to upgrade the magnet function in order to collect more coins. In terms of danger, there are several things that players should avoid. First are spikes, obviously spikes are very bad. They can be attached on walls or across stretches of floor - so you will need rocket fuel to get past them. Next are pits, falling into the pits is also a bad thing. Last on our list of stuff to avoid are missiles. These appear randomly and will try to launch on the same row that you are. As long as you move to a different row when the missile launches, you are safe.

With Rocket Fuel being limited, players will learn to adapt to the game - making use of momentum to make long leaps without spamming the fuel, hopping over flying, and other techniques are possible. All you need to do is to experiment. This is really easy in areas without spikes, just try to collect all the coins with short bursts of fuel instead of pushing it straight. Also, once you have an idea of the stage's layout, you can further economize the consumption of oil in the first place. Keep an eye out for power ups like the second boost (boosts you again like a launcher) or the rocket fuel which fills up your rocket gauge to the max. To maximize each run, be sure to prioritize collecting power ups, then coins, and lastly the paw coins (paw coins unlock new maps, but you will want to have a lot of upgrades before doing that).

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