Rocket Toilet 2 Game

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Rocket Toilet 2 – Upgrade, launch, and most importantly, flush your way through the ages

The Brave 1%

It goes without saying that up to 99% of games out there are not based around the life and times of a lowly toilet. Moreover, this 99% of games in existence probably pride themselves on not including such an idea in their gameplay. Rocket Toilet 2 is part of the proud 1% that doesn’t shy away from the necessary sanitary fixtures required for everyday life and doesn’t deny the existence of such devices. Rocket Toilet 2 actually takes this acknowledgement of the human need for excretion one step further by making a toilet the vehicle on which we are launched through the air in an effort to travel as hefty a distance as possible for our own entertainment. This isn’t just any toilet-based launch game, however; this one lets you earn upgrades and occasionally travel forward in time so that you can launch across the ages to your heart’s content. This one definitely falls into the bracket of ‘alternative’ fun, but it is fun nonetheless.

Cistern Overload

There’s no dancing around it: Rocket Toilet 2 is a distance-based launch game in which you must fire a willing party of one into the air as he sits on the toilet. The aim of the game is to travel as far as possible by balancing the man/toilet combination so that he achieves maximum bounce when he lands, as well as utilising the many airborne and ground-based objects and creatures that either help or hinder your momentum. No toilet-based game worth its weight in ceramic and stainless-steel fittings would dare to try and entertain us without the use of a flush, which in this case allows us to gain a small mid-air boost to your speed and height. The further you travel the more money you receive for your efforts and therefore the more you can spend on upgrades. Handily, everything is controlled by clicking the various functions with a mouse, with the directional arrows allowing you to control the tilt of the toilet.

Splash for Cash

As you earn money, you are able to purchase upgrades that improve the performance of your toilet so that you can achieve greater distances with style. The upgrades in the game include such gems as flush-power upgrades, wheels for toilet to maintain momentum when you hit the ground, wings, and more powerful launch pads. Each upgrade provides another goal to strive towards instead of simply engaging us in a launch, flush, repeat cycle that would rapidly become tedious for any player. The final upgrade you are able to purchase in each age of existence is a special boost that allows you to achieve such a speed with your latrine that you travel forwards in time to the next age of choice in order to bring your own brand of toilet-based antics to different civilisations through time. It’s not exactly a DeLorean travelling at 88mph, but we make do with the tools we have, and since all we have is a sturdy toilet and the opportunity for modification that exceeds even most Japanese models, Rocket Toilet 2’s special brand of distance-based fun is unusual yet effective.

Fun to Flush

Outside of the Toilet Launch series, I struggle to find another toilet-based game to compare to Armor Games one, but perhaps the beauty of Rocket Toilet 2 is that it has managed to whittle out its own sub-genre within the launch game crowd resulting in a considerably entertaining bit of distance-based entertainment, and the time-travelling touch makes it stand out that little bit more. In spite of some fairly simplistic graphics, Rocket Toilet 2 stands distinctly above the average launching title and is perhaps the only series that can get away with basing the plot around a toilet.