Toss The Turtle Game

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Toss the Turtle: Launch the Hero and Blast It Too

Plenty of virtual blood and gore: check. A massive Gold Canon, Missiles and an array of blasters: check. An indestructible turtle who manages to survive getting shot, impaled and blown up: quadruple check. What is Toss the Turtle? As you may have guessed from the checklist, it isn't your typical launch game. While it does employ the usual physics engine you'd expect to see from the genre, it also integrates shooting elements to help extend Mr. Turtle's jump distance. Upgrades come in the form of new firepower for you to use on the tortured reptile and random NPCs are there to toss him around, albeit painfully. With simple mouse-based controls, it's not hard to learn the game basics, though once you start, we don't guarantee that it'll be just as easy to stop playing.

The game starts with a short comic depicting the inexplicably happy turtle about to be shot from a cannon. There isn't any real story to explain the crazy shenanigans, but that doesn't take away the fact that Toss the Turtle is just downright fun. Launching the ragdoll hero is basically a three step process. Change the cannon's direction using your mouse or laptop touch pad. Once you've gotten the pitch angle just right, hold down the left mouse button to charge up and release it when the power bar is at its highest. After that, it's up to chance and your trigger finger to ensure a decent distance. Use your blaster to shoot the daredevil hero out of harm's way and maneuver him by using the 'W', 'A' 'S' and 'D' keys when he's airborne.

If you're after dramatic toss improvements, you may want to visit the in-game shop after a few launches. The cash you've collected may be used to buy new equipment from Blast Co. You are encouraged to buy everything; after all, Shop Keep has a family to feed.

From the Big Cannon to the Tank, purchasing better launch gear will help extend your distance right from the get go. On the other hand, Jet Packs and Missiles help you out while Mr. Turtle is already in the air. If you've been pretty unlucky with level hazards, you can opt to strap on a Chest Bomb which allows the turtle to escape most dangerous objects once. However, we don't recommend getting this pricey one-time use booster until you actually have money to burn.

Keep an eye out for randomly generated interactive items scattered out the level. Some of these may look menacing but are actually pretty handy when you need an extra boost. Goombas, turrets and pink-colored Chainsaw murderers are your best friends. They will toss the turtle forward and upward, giving you another chance to grab some extra cash. Apart from making each launch more satisfying, the zany cast of characters definitely adds something special to the overall game design.

Speaking of design, the doodle graphics definitely suit the game's hilariously violent theme to a tee. We found the characters to be cute, in a morbid way. The colorful graphics and silly delivery definitely keeps the atmosphere light, though it is most definitely not a children's game. Treat it as you would a South Park episode. Mr. Turtle may be invincible but seeing him get impaled over and over again may just give your little brother nightmares.

Basically if you're still taking a lunch box to school or if cartoon violence just isn't your thing, then you'd probably want to skip this crazy game. However, if you love the turtles, don't mind the occasional blood splatter on your screen and are looking for an addictive launch game, then the insane world of Toss the Turtle may just click with you.